A message from bondgirl00724
Say ten things about yourself then send this to ten of your favourite followers =)

(( Guessing this is for the mun ?

(1) I have 4 other blogs I still use

(2) My first bond movie I saw was Casino Royale (2006)

(3) I live in the United States

(4) I have 2 siblings

(5) I LOVE to watch movies

(6) My favorite Disney movie as a kid was Aladdin

(7) I don’t like snow that much

(8) I hate the sound of squeaky shoes

(9) I have 4 pets

(10) I RP with my friend all the time))

A message from Anonymous
Are roleplays still open?


A message from Anonymous
Hello, James! Welcome back! How have you been?

I’ve been fine, for the standards of an agent

A message from Anonymous
You cannot change the laws of physics!

I do what I want.

A message from jcarr433
When is ur next movie coming out


All of my resources that give a specific date tell me that Devil May Care is being released in the UK on October 23, 2015, and in the United States on November 6, 2015.

I apologize for not being on so often lately, I had some things to attend to

A message from Anonymous
Why is it that everything you touch dies?

Agent. Somebody is always after me, and sometimes they hold the person against me, then the just so happen to die, and that’s that.